Hampton Downs

Shiny Side Up is excited to be a partner with Motofest and taking a large area at the two day event. Lots to see, do and try out, all with and emphasis on safer riding but not forgetting the fun.



Mike Pero Motofest

Hampton Downs Rd


 2 & 3 March 2019

8am – 5pm


SSU Area Free but
Motofest has an entry fee


Limited demonstrations as live racing and wider Motofest event

The Moss Touch
Tech 101
– Dave Moss


Andrew Stroud
– Britten Bike racer

Brittany Morrow
– Road Rash Queen

Chris Hurren
– The Science Behind Your Gear

Dave Moss
– Technical Setup Guru

Kevin Williams
– Survival Skills

Snr Sgt Pete van de Wetering
– Police Q&A

Sgt Steve Jones
– Police Q&A

Snr Const Jerry Newell
– Police Q&A

Jay Reeve
– MC


Ride Forever

Harley-Davidson NZ

Paws for Justice


Bell Helmets

AA Driver Training

Yamaha NZ

Mr Motorcycle

More to come


Legends Signings

Levi Sherwood

Dave McKenna


Straight Up Wheelies Machine
(15yr +, max 125kg,
1 ride of 3 mins each)

Yamaha VR Experience

Harley Jump Start Bike

Dave Moss

Dave Moss has a few slots each day to check your bike over for free and maybe make that adjustment you have been dreaming of.

Pr-registrations have now closed, once your at Motofest come along and see if there are any slots left and sign yourself up.




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